Project Life for the busy family historian

Project Life is an initiative begun in the scrapbooking world a little over 3 years ago. This delightful video describes the project.

What is Project Life? from Becky Higgins LLC on Vimeo.

I love the concept of Project Life and suggest that it could be a great family history project for any of us. And, while I love scrapbooking, it isn’t the platform I would use for my version. I would take advantage of a digital journaling app like Day OneMacJournal or WinJournal  – especially one with both desktop and mobile editions. That way I would have the app and a camera on a device that’s always nearby so I don’t miss a special moment – or even an ordinary moment, for that matter. It can capture a photo or a video clip with the location and date stamp included automatically and all I need is to add a few comments describing who and what. Later, after synching with the desktop app, I can flesh out a more complete story of the day, the event or my thoughts.

Day One app in list view.

Journaling apps like Day One and MacJournal mean you aren’t limited to just your personal journal either. MacJournal and Win Journal can publish journal entries as blog posts or export them in any number of formats. Day One saves files as plain text but by using Markdown, you can easily convert your journal entries to HTML or other formats. With Day One, not only are you documenting your own family history, you’re doing it in an archival quality format with the ability to easily produce all or selected entries in other formats that can easily be shared. It’s a win-win situation all around.

Now all we need to do is get into the habit of pulling out our phone or digital camera and capturing the day-to-day things that makes us . . . us. Our descendants will love us for it.