Put the family blog to work during the holidays

Not only does our family blog serve as a private news center for family news, adventures and photos, it really gets a workout during the holidays. It’s a great support system for organizing family gatherings like Thanksgiving dinner and all the events surrounding Christmas. Rather than trying to keep up with who’s bringing what via round-robin emails, the event host sets the plan – menu, chores, etc. – in a post to the blog. Our blog runs on WordPress and we use JetPack’s email subscription service to automatically send each new post to all subscribers. When they reply to the emailed post, their reply becomes a comment to that post at the blog site. All the family can view the post and its comments to see how things are progressing. There’s also a checkbox to receive each comment via email if they so desire.

We’re hosting Christmas this year. Here’s the “invitation” that will be published later this week. The planning post will be sent soon after.

Christmas Invitation

After the event, any family member can share photos by posting them to the blog. Those who have the WordPress app installed and set up on their phones can post their pictures as they happen!

Not only does a family blog help you organize big events, the organizational posts and comments become a delightful journal capturing the “backstage” view of your family’s world. What’s not to like about that?