Reeder for Mac and iOS

While Flipboard is still my go-to app for enjoyable news reading on the iPad, I have found the Reeder app [Mac – $4.99, iPad – $4.99 and iPhone – $2.99 ] to be an impressive information processing platform. By that I mean an app that will allow me to quickly review my feeds and share or capture them with other services.

Reeder for Mac screenshot

As you can see from this screenshot of the Mac app, the interface is designed to quickly move through your news sources to read, share or send to Evernote, Pocket and any number of other services. There are more services available than shown in this example, I just have them turned off since I don’t use them.


Here you see the iPad version – also showing the sharing options.

Although you can subscribe to feeds directly in the app, Reeder is currently designed to synch with Google Reader. They have already announced that they are not going away. I am looking forward to watching their efforts to build a platform to synch news content between devices.