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Blog BytesBlogging has become a way of life for many family historians. Not only is it a great way to document your research, but it also provides a delightful platform to present the stories of the ancestors you’ve met in the process. This section displays a collection of recent Blog Bytes articles to help you expand your knowledge of both blogging, HTML and writing for the Web.

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    • Blog Comments . . . the New Social Network? February 16, 2015
      Before there was Facebook, Twitter or Google+ there were blogs with comment boxes attached to each post. These comments were what turned genealogy bloggers into Geneabloggers. We went from being individual bloggers into a blogging community thanks to the comments section. Although comments are still there and do see some activity, social networking sites are now […]
    • Mobile Blogging Update August 27, 2014
      I find I’m spending a lot more time blogging from my iPad. Not only have blogging apps improved significantly, but thanks to Markdown it’s a lot easier to include formatting that used to require HTML coding (a real effort on an iPad keyboard). I have Markdown turned on for my WordPress blogs. You’ll find the […]
    • Build a table of contents for your blog August 16, 2014
      Are some of your best articles buried in your blog archives? Give them the visibility they deserve by building a table of contents for your blog. Use your blog's page feature to make it happen.
    • Turn Comments Into Conversations With Disqus August 7, 2014
      To call Disqus a commenting service doesn’t begin to describe its capabilities. This service can turn your blog into your own social network. A better way to describe it would be that it’s like putting a text conversation at the bottom of each post. Disqus can be connected to WordPress, Tumblr,,  Blogger and other blogs to […]
    • Create a Digital Family Treasure Chest July 31, 2014
      As I look around my office I see dozens of family treasures ranging from portraits and other artwork to souvenirs of our travels to pieces of furniture. Every one of these pieces has an associated story. I know the stories to many – but not all – of these treasures because either I was there […]
    • Tumblr for News March 4, 2014
      My Moultrie Journal blog is full of stories about my family and my home town along with photos, news and other goodies I find interesting. Since my home town just happens to be gearing up to celebrate its 450th anniversary next year, there’s lots of interesting stories popping up all over the place – from […]
    • A Posthaven Primer February 18, 2014
      A Posthaven Primer by Moultrie Creek
    • Blogs Have Legs April 11, 2013
      Several years ago I discovered an interesting newspaper clipping in the archive I inherited from my grandmother. It led me on a research quest which I wrote about in a post called Honoring a Family Hero. It was about discovering that I had a cousin who had been a POW during the Vietnam War. Sometime […]