WeRelate is an amazing genealogy research and collaboration site. Not only can you build your family tree here, but you can also find an amazing amount of information to help your research effort. And, best of all, it’s a great place to connect with research cousins and work together discovering your family history. Oh, did I mention that it’s free? This page brings together all the Gazette articles written about WeRelate into one location to help you make the most out of this very powerful research tool.

WeRelate Series

Related Tips

  • The Information Desk. As you build your online personal archive, you’ll have elements located all over the ‘net – documents at Scribd, photos at Flickr, reading list at WorldCat and so on. How do you pull it all together? Why, with your own information desk, of course. Every archive has one and it’s usually where you’ll find the most activity. But, where are you going to set up an information desk for your personal archive? Where else but your profile page at WeRelate!
  • Timelines. I am a firm believer that timelines are an important research tool which provide a quick view of history to put your ancestor’s life into perspective. And, while big events – wars, politics, disasters, epidemics and such – did have an impact on their lives, it’s the events closer to home that affected them most. Where do you find those timelines? Where else, but WeRelate!
  • Research Guides at WeRelate. You may not be aware of the growing collection of research guides you’ll find at WeRelate. These guide offer a lot of helpful information on lots of topics.

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