Review: iFiles

iFiles [iOS, $2.99] puts an impressive file management and sharing system on your iThings. It serves as a file manager, document viewer, text editor and voice recorder while it allows you to connect to all your cloud-based services from DropBox and Google Docs to Flickr and Picasa. And you have FTP and WebDAV access to everything else. If there’s a Swiss Army knife for iOS, this is it.

Email files from within iFiles, record a voice note, view a PDF and even directly share files with your friends if they also have iFiles (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). It handles an amazing number of formats too including MS Office, iWorks, PDF, rich text, video, audio and images.

Flickr in iFiles

In this example, you are looking at a list of my Flickr Groups. I can browse through my Flickr photos, save them to my iPad, email them and even print them – all from inside iFiles.