Scribd converts document library to HTML5

Scribd content on their site has already been converted to HTML5. Now, when you embed a document onto your blog, it will also appear in HTML5. Why is this important? The old, Flash-based reader doesn’t work on iOS devices. As this roll-out progresses, that content will be visible on any desktop or device.

From their press release:

Scribd, the world’s largest social reading and publishing company, today announced the roll-out of HTML5 code for all websites currently displaying Scribd content in Flash. The update comes less than a year after the conversion of more than a billion pages of content on The company’s patent-pending technology turns offline material, including books, magazines and PowerPoint presentations into easy-to-read web pages.

Starting today, all new material uploaded to Scribd and embedded on third-party websites will display in HTML5, the web language supported by most mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones. In addition, all content previously embedded using the Flash-based reader will convert to HTML5 in the coming weeks.