Scribd Reading Apps

Have you seen the Scribd app for the iPad? It’s absolutely gorgeous! There are also apps for the iPhone and Android devices. Combine this with the very interesting things happening on the Scribd platform and you’re in for a fascinating reading experience

Scribd reading app for the iPad

This example displays my Behind the Alligator Farm storybook (which was created using Apple’s Keynote presentation app). It shows the toolbar which lets you search, bookmark and share the book as well as the navigation bar used to quickly move within the document. Both bars disappear while you’re reading. Although I’m not about to give up my Kindle Paperwhite for general reading, this is much easier for graphic-heavy books such as O’Reilly’s Take Control of Safari and family history projects like mine. It gives all of us the opportunity to build our family history projects with tools we’re familiar using and to offer a digital edition that can be read on just about any computer or tablet.

But that’s not all. Scribd has two programs that can help you generate a little revenue to support your genealogy addiction. First there’s the Scribd store where you can put your digital publications up for sale. You control the document, marketing and pricing while Scribd handles all the selling, bookkeeping and payments. There’s no upfront or continuing costs. As the author/publisher, you’ll receive 80% of the purchase price.

Then there’s Scribd’s new Premium Reader subscription program. Subscribers pay $9.00 a month for access to all books included in the Premium program. Then the revenue generated that month will be split proportionally among all participating authors whose books have been read.

I’ve noticed that FWMedia has a number of interesting genealogy titles listed for sale at Scribd. Unfortunately, there’s some kind of glitch when you try to access the book page. I hope it gets worked out soon because I see a couple of titles I’d like to have as PDF editions.

If you haven’t visited Scribd lately, now would be a good time to go take a look. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.