Scrivener Tip: Project Style Guide

Scrivener [Mac – $45.00 & Windows – $40.00] creates a complete work area to plan, organize, write, edit and publish. One important part of the writing/editing process is maintaining consistency with the formats, words and terms used. Writers are encouraged to develop a style guide as a reference to insure consistency. Since you’ll be referring to it frequently while you’re working, doesn’t it make sense to build it inside your Scrivener project?

Scrivener project showing style guide section and notes.

Scrivener project showing style guide section and notes.

In this example, you see a section titled Style Guide in the left sidebar (the Binder) with several notes containing style information. A portion of the Word List note is visible in the work area. Having this inside the project makes it easy for me to check on the correct use of the words and terms I use within my manuscript. I’ve also created a note to define how I want to format things like dates or tables. And, since these are standards I will use in any writing project, I can save this information in a template and have it all set up for me when I create my next writing project in Scrivener.

Scrivener is an amazing tool for any major writing project. This is just one of many reasons why.

  • Danny Anderson

    Amazing idea! Why didn’t I think of that?? Thanks!

    • Bookseller

      Yeah. It was sort of a d’uh moment for me too.