Send to Kindle Button

Bloggers can now add a Send to Kindle button to their posts which gives their readers the opportunity to send that post to their Kindle device/app to read later. For WordPress users, there’s a plugin for easy setup. Blogger users can create a widget, then copy the code to your site. Both pages have details on customization and installation.

From what I see in the instructions, this setup works best for blogs with “classic” themes. When the theme is highly customized, the widget/plugin will also require customization to insure the content sent to the Kindle will display properly.


  • Wendy Littrell

    The wordpress plugin looks as if it’s for a blog hosted on the .org site instead of .com – is that correct? I wonder if there’s a way to use it on my .com blog.

    • Denise Barrett

      You’re right. You can’t install plugins on a site. I don’t know that there is another option for .com blogs. I’ll do a little research and see what I can find.