Shades of the Departed

Shades Toys Cover

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It’s Christmas so of course the latest issue of Shades is all about toys. Grab your copy today! Here’s what you’ll find inside:

On The Cover Of Shades
The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe – Editor
Dressed To The  Nines
The Well Dressed Doll – Maureen Taylor
Watch The Birdie
Toys Used As Accessories In Photographic Studios – Brett Payne
Toys, Family Stories, & Junk Piles – Caroline Pointer
Appealing Subjects
The Appeal of Toys – Craig Manson
Queen Victoria’s Dolls 
Wooden and Paper – fM
Dervla “Dare” Dreadful
A Dreadful Adventure – A Doll’s Story
The Healing Brush
Use Your Imagination – Janine Smith
An iAncestor Christmas
All I Want For Christmas – Denise Barrett Olson
The Toy Shop Album
Toys In Old Photos
Protecting An Antique Book – Denise Levenick
The Last Picture Show
Elijah B. Core – Children’s Portrait Specialist