Simple Document Management with Yep

Mac users are blessed with a number of affordable document organization and management tools. This week I want to introduce you to another amazing app from Ironic Software – the developers of Email Archiver. Yep [Mac – $23.99] is a document management system that makes creating, organizing and finding documents amazingly easy.

The Yep workspace displaying all my files tagged with the Gervais surname.

The Yep workspace displaying all my files tagged with the Gervais surname.

Here you see the Yep screen. The center pane displays thumbnails of each document matching my search criteria – in this case everything I have tagged with the Gervais surname. The left sidebar displays a tag cloud showing all the tags attached to this collection of documents. The right sidebar displays the details for the selected document along with several command buttons.

Once installed, Yep automatically tracks all the iWork, PDF and Office documents saved in your Documents, Desktop and Downloads folders. You can add additional folders using the app’s Preferences – including cloud storage such as iCloud and Dropbox. If you are using the Email Archiver app, just check the box in Yep’s preferences and those archived message are also included.

There’s a very nice scanning interface which simplifies the scan, organize & save workflow. In addition, you can select text or an image from a web page and drag it into Yep to quickly create a note. By default, Yep stores each new “created” document in the Filed Documents folder (located inside the Documents folder). Of course you can choose to move it wherever you want – right from the Yep interface. And, the latest version of Yep even recognizes Mac OSX’s new file tagging feature so you don’t need to retag them in Yep.

Using Yep to find files is both quick and easy. The toolbar just above the display panels has quick buttons to set limits to your search, then you choose the tag(s) to identify the content you’re looking for. The results are there in a blink of an eye. Click on the document thumbnail to view the metadata in the right sidebar or double-click the thumbnail to open and view the document. Don’t have everything tagged? No problem. Yep does content searching too.

The combination of Yep and Email Archiver makes an awesome management system for your personal archives. And, you can buy both for less than $50! They’re worth every penny and then some.

  • Jayne

    This app sounds really good. I would love to find something to organize family history files on my Mac. I have tried to do this with Lightroom and Aperture but I have struggled with it. Most of the family history files that I need to organize come from ScotlandsPeople. They come in a tiff file and for some reason (that I am not able to resolve) they are not recognized in Lightroom. Aperture does recognize them but if there are other types of files, such as pdf, it gets complicated. I looked on the Yep site but I was not able to find what types of files this would work with. Is this just a pdf organizer or can it recognize other types of files? Thanks for your information!

    • Denise Olson

      Yep only works with documents – PDFs, Office and iWork files. I’m not aware of any programs that organize/manage TIFF files. Sorry.