Sketchbook Journaling

My favorite app on my iPad is Paper by FiftyThree [iPad – $6.99]. It’s an artist journal/sketchbook where you create journals and sketch, write, doodle or whatever on the pages. The app itself is free, but only includes the pen tool. Other tools (color, sketch, write, outline) are in-app purchases of $1.99 each or you can get them all for $6.99.

I’m a doodler at heart so this app quickly became a favorite. When I stumbled onto Stuff I Remember, a book two sons put together from their father’s childhood sketchbook, and How to Make a Journal of Your Life, about sketchbook journaling, I found even more inspiration.

It’s also quite easy to save journal pages as graphic images, so I can incorporate my doodles into my Day One [iOS – $4.99, Mac – $9.99] journaling apps. Now I have the best of both worlds – hand-crafted entries in a high-tech journal.

Does tech get any better than this?

  • http://Nonerightnow R Oser

    Would it be possible to do a post on the pros and cons of various ways to present a family history? I’ve been pulling genealogical information together from a while now, and want to make sure it’s available to our extended family today and in the future. Most of my information is digital, and all it takes is the bankruptcy of a cloud vendor, or a hard drive crash, or even the inadvertent discontinuance of a service I pay for but a less technologically inclined relative might not see the value in maintaining and poof it’s all gone, forever.

    • Denise Olson

      Great idea, but it would be take more than one post … I’ll see what I can do.