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Fonts on iOS


Want to use your iPad when you present, but hate the limitations on fonts in Keynote? Here’s one solution.

Storytelling With Keynote

Storytelling With Keynote cover

The cover page you see here was created in Keynote. The photo is framed with a graphical frame included in Jumsoft’s Toolbox for Keynote. The pattern used in the background also came from the Toolbox. The font is Sheila¬†by Laura Worthington. This is just a tiny sample of the things you can do with Keynote.…

A Letter Archive Option

Looking for a way to organize and present your family letters? You might be surprised to find that your presentation app is just the thing for bringing those letters back to life.

Found Ephemera: Keynote Vector Graphics

If you have Keynote for Mac, you can draw your own decorative embellishments using the built-in vector drawing tools. What is vector drawing? It’s is the creation of digital graphics using lines, curves and shapes. Unlike bitmap graphics which are made up of a collection of tiny dots (pixels), vector graphics¬†can easily scale in size…

Keynote Scrapbooking Tips

Keynote, the presentation graphics software for Mac and iOS, offers both functionality and creative opportunities to create a family history project that will both entertain and inform. Here’s a look at some of its capabilities.

Scrapshot: Once upon a time

Today’s scrapshot is the opening page from my on-going Behind the Alligator Farm project. The photo is a ’60s-era photo of the St. Augustine Alligator farm and has been combined with text and scrapbook elements to create an eye-catching layout.