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The Amazon Social Club

Amazon gives Kindle users a number of social tools to not only find more books, but to add value to the books you already have. See how you can put these tools to work for you. Not only will they make your pleasure reading more enjoyable, they offer a lot of support for your research efforts as well.

Send to Kindle

Whether you’re building a reference library on your own Kindle device or sharing family stories with other Kindle readers, here are some tips building and forwarding documents to those devices.

Family history in your pocket

Yes, I have a tablet and an eInk reader (Kindle Touch). Because of its size, my Kindle Touch goes just about everywhere with me so it only makes sense to keep the details of the families I’m actively researching on my Kindle – just in case. Actually, it’s quite easy to do. Here’s how.


dotEPUB lets you save web content to ePub or Kindle format to read at your leisure. The formatting is beautiful, it’s easy to use and it’s free. Now, to just find some leisure time . . .