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Twitter limits developers

If you notice problems with your favorite Twitter app, it could be because Twitter has shut down API v1. An API is a programming interface that allows others to use their data services when building apps. In the early days…

How to follow a Twitter list

Did you know Twitter is a great news service? Thanks to Twitter lists, you can create your own customized news feed to deliver news to your desktop or mobile device. Here’s how to subscribe to a Twitter list – a great way to collect the information you want.

genBUZZ News Service Update

Curating a news and information service for the genealogy world is quite fascinating – and often surprising. Here’s an update on the @genBUZZ service with some useful apps for staying on top of genealogy news while enjoying the growing number of great articles coming from our community.

Reporting Live

There are a number of easy and affordable ways to keep your society or family updated on events they cannot attend. For organizations, this is a great way to keep distant members engaged and informed. Here’s a look at several options and how they can be incorporated in your membership communications plan.

Emergency Tweets

Twitter is an amazing service for news and conversation, but its simplicity makes it a valuable tool for your disaster plan too. Learn how you and your family can stay in touch when other communications services are too overloaded or fail.