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If you don’t have automatic updates turned on for your WordPress blog, you need to check and install this critical security update right away . . .

WordPress versions 4.2.2 and earlier are affected by a cross-site scripting vulnerability, which could allow users with the Contributor or Author role to compromise a site. This was reported by Jon Cave and fixed by Robert Chapin, both of the WordPress security team.

We also fixed an issue where it was possible for a user with Subscriber permissions to create a draft through Quick Draft.

WordPress for iOS Updated

You now have instant access to your camera and photo library from the editor. If you select an image in an unsupported format (like TIFF), WordPress will automatically convert it to a useable format before uploading. There have also been improvements to the comments notification system. I’m still waiting to see how that works. The…


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WordPress Redesigns Mobile App

I’m writing this post in the updated WordPress mobile app. The editor has received a nice facelift including the ability to edit image settings without leaving the editor screen. There’s now an image icon on the editing toolbar that takes you right to the Photos app to select the image you want to import. At…