I spent most of yesterday upgrading to Mac’s OS X Mavericks operating system. The upgrade itself was painless but it did take more than 2 hours to complete. Then there’s all the apps that need upgrading. Finally I’m at the point where I can dig in and start experimenting with all the new features and functions. So what did I begin with?

Finder, the file management app, now supports tags! I’m in heaven!

You can now assign tags to your files – either in Finder or in the apps when you save/update your file. Files can have multiple tags (making it so much easier to associate a document with multiple surnames or locations) and of course Spotlight will find them in a search. This little slideshow gives you a quick look at tags and how they work.

Oh, and Finder also supports tabbed views – allowing you to easily move between views of different folders or search groups. Life is good!