The Family Yearbook – Timing

MagCloud Newsletters

The problem with the holiday newsletter is that it arrives at one of the busiest times of the year. Often I don’t get a chance to really sit down and read the newsletters we receive until after New Years as we’re taking down the decorations and putting things away. I love the idea of a holiday newsletter presented as sort of a family yearbook, but I don’t think I want to send mine out until after New Years.

That doesn’t mean I won’t take advantage of the seasonal opportunities to grab ideas, templates and graphics for use in my yearbook.

One very useful personal publishing resource is MagCloud. They have free holiday templates you can download and use with your word-processing software (Microsoft Word or Apple Pages) to build either a two-page flyer or a four-page pamphlet. There are all kinds of templates for bigger projects too. Once you’ve put your yearbook together, follow the instructions to export it to PDF then upload to MagCloud for printing. Prices begin at 30¢ a piece for the flyer and 60¢ a piece for the pamphlet when you buy 20 pieces or more, but there are no minimum quantity requirements. You’re not stuck with 100 pieces when all your wanted was 10. You can even take advantage of MagCloud’s Ship to a Group feature to send your yearbook directly to the people on your holiday list.

If you want to get it there before Christmas you’d better hurry. To insure your yearbook reaches your family before Christmas you’ll need to get your order in by December 9th for shipping via USPS.

Don’t forget to keep a copy for your family’s archives. It now a part of your family history.