Tip: Dictate an Evernote Using Siri

Although you can create an audio note in Evernote, there are times – like when you’re in the car – that just getting into a note in Evernote can be too much distraction. If you’ve got an iPhone that supports the Siri personal assistant app, you can easily dictate a note to Evernote – hands free! Here’s how.

Since Siri doesn’t include Evernote support, your Evernote account needs a bit of setup before you can use it. All Evernote users have an email address that can be used to send all kinds of things to Evernote. If that email address isn’t already included in your iPhone Contacts, do that now.

DashboardMountOpen Siri and dictate, “Send email to Evernote”. Siri will prompt you to provide a subject line. Dictate the subject for your email/note and then for the body of the message. Siri will convert your dictation to text and send it on to Evernote for you.

Take advantage of these tricks to send your note to a specific notebook and include tags. Both elements must be included in the subject line. Normally, the notebook name is preceded by an “@” when creating an email note. With Siri, dictate, “at sign” and then the notebook name. Tags are preceded with a “#”. With Siri,┬ádictate, “pound sign” and then the tag name as part of the subject line.

If you’re like me and get lots of ideas while you’re driving, this Siri/Evernote combo can be a very useful tool. Now all I need is a handy dashboard mount like this one and Siri and I will be the best of friends.