WeRelate Update

I’m embarrassed to say I’ve paid little more than quick visits to my family pages at WeRelate lately, so once I finally did stop by for a good look around, I was pleasantly surprised.

First off, the current featured page for David Edmiston, and the associated Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia page, are quite inspiring. I love the beautifully designed links box on David’s page that directs you to all the research related to him and his family.

WeRelate Tree View

The addition of the new family tree viewer on family and person pages makes it easy to see where an individual fits into the family and to navigate between family/person pages. The dots next to an individual box tells you there’s a family page associated with that person (Marjorie has two) and the plus signs next to an individual will expand the tree to show that person’s family.

The family tree isn’t active on the page by default. You must click on the family tree icon just below the initial person/family details box on any page. Click again and the family tree area will disappear. It’s a great addition to the site.

WeRelate continues to amaze. I know where I’ll be spending a good deal of the upcoming holiday weekend. I’ve got a lot of Henry data that needs to be compiled . . .