Happy Birthday Maura!

birthday party

Birthday party at the original Tradewinds Lounge on Aviles Street.

Who else but Maura would have a birthday party (we won’t say which one) at the Tradewinds Lounge? Celeste and I are there in the picture. Anyone recognize the other party girls?

A part of the placidity of the South comes from the sense of well-being that follows the heart-and-body-warming consumption of breads fresh from the oven. We serve cold baker’s bread to our enemies, trusting that they will never impose on our hospitality again. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

The Ritz Cracker

The Ritz Cracker – Cedar Key, Florida

Kukawalla’s Spring

I found this story, along with copies of transmittal letters to several magazines, in Mom’s stuff. There was even one response – a refusal. It was written in the mid-1950s and describes a place near the old family homestead on Kincaid Mountain. At that time the Uncle Remus tales were quite popular along with Disney’s Song of the South. Mom’s attempts at recreating the dialects of the south fell far short of┬áthe genius of Joel Chandler Harris, but it still makes a charming story.

One thing I found amusing in the story is the “tater patch”. While our part of Florida is known for growing potatoes, I don’t ever remember digging potatoes up at The Farm.

Kukawalla’s Spring by Moultrie Creek