Legends and Tales 1

It’s the little stories – the personal stories – that bring history to life. Karen Harvey’s Legends and Tales is the first of two books that does it beautifully. This edition includes stories about Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Mocassin Branch,  baseball and the Civil Rights Movement in St. Augustine from the people who were there when it happened.

Legends and Tales is available in paperback at Amazon for $17.99.

Cross and Sword Brochure interior

Cross and Sword

My sister and I were part of the original cast of Cross and Sword, an outdoor drama recreating the founding of St. Augustine in 1565. It premiered in 1965 as part of our quadracentennial celebration.  We were hired as extras with no lines who wandered in and out of scenes – most often as Indians – throughout the performance. We even got… Read more →


Our 450th celebration is about to kick off so I spent the day working on the site’s theme and planning content to share the fun. My immediate family may be “newcomers” to Florida’s Historic Coast, but we’ve got ancestors connected to this area from British Colonial days. Lots of stories yet to be told . . .