Keeping Up With Technology

the personal archive badgeOne of the many advantages of an online platform for maintaining your personal archive is changes in technology. It is in the online service’s best interests to insure their catalog is updated as new technology is implemented. As a result, your content is updated for you.

From the Scribd Blog:

Today, Scribd is changing the way you read documents online. Over the next few weeks and months, Scribd will convert our entire content corpus — tens of millions of documents, books and presentations — into native HTML5 web pages so that we can offer the best online reading experience. Scribd documents in HTML5 load instantly, support native browser functions (zoom, search, scroll, select text), and deliver an impressive reading experience across all browsers and web-enabled devices, without requiring add-ons or plug-ins.

What does this mean? It means that any document in any format (MS Office Docs, Google Docs, PDF, ePub) will now be readable on any device with a browser. This move — nearly six months in the making — represents billions of pages of content that will become part of the fabric of the web. To find out more, view this presentation (in HTML5):

The Scribd Open Reading Platform: The future of reading is open. Join us.
-Jared Friedman, Scribd Co-founder and CTO

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