e-Style: Capitalization

Badge-eStyle 2Back in the old typewriter days, titles were often typed in all caps to give them emphasis. We now have much better options for giving emphasis to text – like changing fonts, increasing the font size, changing color or making it bold. These not only add a more professional look to your writing project, but make it easier to read.

Our eyes usually scan text recognizing words by their shapes. When words are typed in all caps, those shapes don’t exist and our eyes are forced to focus on each letter. Not only does this slow down your reading, but it tires your eyes.

NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN AND WOMEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY. Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.


If you do use all caps, use them sparingly. And remember, when you use them in online communications (email, instant messaging, discussion forums and postings), it’s considered the digital equivalent of yelling.

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