The Information Desk

The Personal ArchiveAs you build your online personal archive, you’ll have elements located all over the ‘net – documents at Scribd, photos at Flickr, reading list at WorldCat and so on. How do you pull it all together? Why, with your own information desk, of course. Every archive has one and it’s usually where you’ll find the most activity.

But, where are you going to set up an information desk for your personal archive? Where else but your profile page at WeRelate!

WeRelate Profile
WeRelate profile page showing links to personal archives.

As my profile page continues to develop into the hub for all my research efforts, it only makes sense that it should include my archives too. The WeRelate platform automatically provides links to the family trees, people, family and place pages I’m researching and I have already added links to articles and research guides within WeRelate that support my research so adding my content from other sources only makes sense.

Where is your information desk?

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