My Blogging Wish List

I am fascinated with all the apps and platforms popping up offering new and delightful ways to keep up with information posted via Facebook and Twitter. The Flipboard app for the iPad doesn’t just pull in Twitter updates, but also the photos, articles and sites linked to them and presents them in a wonderful magazine format that’s a joy to read. There are several iPad apps offering more graphical news reader options. An online platform – – does something similar Flipboard as an online newspaper. All of these are great reading experiences.

It got me to thinking.

All of these apps/platforms are designed to present you with the latest news/updates/photos/whatever. What if someone built an app that ran off a manifest of selected content – and you could control the manifest? For us in the genea-blogging community, it would provide the opportunity to pull our blogged stories into an organized electronic publication. This could be a family history based off one blogger’s content or a community magazine pulling in content from throughout our community.

Watch the Flipboard video then imagine family stories, photos and videos replacing the latest updates. Now, imagine an electronic magazine pulling in content directly from its contributors’ blogs. The possibilities are limitless.

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