G-notes: Heat Wave Edition

We’re at 50+ days of highs in the 90s making it the 2nd hottest summer in over 100 years. This inaugural edition of G-notes offers some cool reading for these hot summer days.

10 Reading Revolutions Before E-Books – Science and Tech – The Atlantic

The phrase “reading revolution” was probably coined by German historian Rolf Engelsing. He certainly made it popular. Engelsing was trying to describe something he saw in the 18th century: a shift from “intensive” reading and re-reading of very few texts to “extensive” reading of many, often only once. Think of reading the Bible vs reading the newspaper.

New Online Database for Gaelic Place Names – ResearchBuzz

Why You Need a Blogging Disclosure Statement | GeneaBloggers

For bloggers who reside in the United States, the Federal Trade Commission has issued regulations requiring that you disclose certain types of relationships with other companies and individuals relating to endorsements of products and services.  The actual guidelines are available here and are summarized in the FTC announcement here.

Prizmo Introduces a Pocket-Sized Scanner: Your iPhone – 148Apps

This iPhone app turns the camera into a scanner – with lots of options.

Eight Great Tips for Traveling with the iPad | Gadget Lab | Wired.com

The iPad is an almost perfect travel computer. It’s easy to carry, works as a guide, a map, a book and it’s crazy-long battery life will let you sit back and watch another movie while your laptop-toting companions search for a power outlet. But as convenient as it is, a little preparation will make things even smoother. Here are some things you should do before you leave the house.

Google Voice and Gmail sitting in a tree, C-A-L-L-I-N-G

Now that Google Voice has finally gone public, Google has merged Gmail and Google Voice to allow users to place phone calls from within Gmail, adding more flexibility to both services. Additionally, the company announced that calls to the US and Canada would be free for “at least” the rest of the year, and that calls to other countries would be very cheap.

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