G-notes: iTunes Edition

You’ll be amazed at the genealogy-related content you’ll find on Apple’s free iTunes platform. Here are a few examples (NOTE: links open in iTunes):

  • Podcasts: You can subscribe to the The Genealogy Guys and Genealogy Gems along with a long list of others discussing any number of genealogy topics. Just go to the Podcast section and do a search for “genealogy”. You’ll be surprised with the results.
  • TV Shows: Season 1 of Who Do You Think You Are can be viewed at your desktop. It will cost you $9.99 for the complete season or $1.99 for a single episode.
  • iTunes U: Here you’ll find an interesting course on Writing Family History presented by Open University. The course consists of 7 audio presentations and transcripts.
  • Apps Store: A growing number of apps are available in the Apps Store including Reunion for iPad and iPhone, MobileFamilyTree, FamViewer and more. Other useful apps will support your research with maps, reference material and both written and audio note-takers. Don’t forget the ebook reader apps which give you access to the growing number of digitized historic texts.

The lightweight iPad is quickly becoming an important research tool in my toolbox, but even without one of Apple’s pricey devices, iTunes gives you access to some entertaining and informative research resources.

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