Family History Christmas Ideas

I’ll bet that there will be a lot of Apple TVs and Roku boxes finding their way under the Christmas tree this year. For family historians, these devices are a great opportunity to “get the word out” in some fun and creative ways.

Here are a few ideas . . .

  • Both devices give you access to YouTube and Flickr. Take advantage of this and produce your own family history photo albums (Flickr) or slideshow documentaries (YouTube).
  • A tradition in our family is the Thanksgiving regatta with the video “premiered” at one of our family Christmas functions. The Roku box makes that a lot easier.
  • The Apple TV, combined with iTunes on your computer, gives you the ability to push photos, music and movies from your desktop to your tv. A photo slideshow with holiday music makes your tv part of the holiday party rather than a distraction.

Need some help to make it happen? Check out my The Future of Memories article in the latest edition of Shades of the Departed Magazine or my earlier Release Your Inner Ken Burns series beginning in the December issue. The toughest part is choosing the photos.

We’re taking family movies to a whole new level!

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