G-Notes: Screen Capture Apps

A good screen capture tool always come in handy while researching. It allows you to capture all or part of an online screen and then copy/paste/safe it for later use. Here are several screen capture apps you might find useful.

  • SnagIt [Windows and Mac]. The Windows version has been around some time and will capture, edit and markup your screenshot before offering you any number of distribution options. At $50, it’s not cheap, but there’s a 30-day trial so you can see how good it is before forking over the money. The Mac version is still in beta, but functions beautifully with lots of good features. As a beta, it’s a free download.
  • Jing [Windows and Mac]. This app is a project of the same company that developed SnagIt. It will capture screen video as well as static shots and offers both free and premium versions.
  • Skitch [Mac]. Is a free app with lots of capture and distribution options – including FTP. The editing capabilities are more limited that the other two options but good enough for most needs.
  • Snipping Tool [Windows 7 & Vista]. This is a basic tool with limited capture and editing features. It is free and included in both Windows 7 and Vista.

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