Digital Storytellers: The Christmas Newsletter

One of the great traditions of Christmas is the Christmas newsletter. Sometimes these are printed documents complete with photos. Sometimes its a few handwritten lines stuffed into a Christmas card. Whatever it is, it’s nice to catch up with old friends in faraway places.

Who says the Christmas newsletter has to be a letter? It’s time to stir things up and turn that newsletter into something that won’t be forgotten soon. It’s time for the multimedia Christmas Catch-up!

“What is a Christmas Catch-up?” you ask.

It’s whatever you want it to be. It could be a family group photo with music and an audio Christmas message. It could be a multi-page scrapbook with photos, video and narration. It could be a short movie with photos, video clips and title slides. It could be a PowerPoint slideshow – again with all kinds of multimedia goodness.

Scrapblog, the online scrapbooking platform, makes it easy to create a multimedia scrapbook and share it online. You can add all backgrounds and embellishments found on just about any scrapbook along with photos, video, music and more. Once your Scrapblog scrapbook is finished, you can embed it in your blog/web site or share it on your favorite social network. It costs nothing to use Scrapblog and there’s quite a few free elements available to build your pages. You can also buy pre-designed themes and graphic packs which can be used over and over in different projects. Scrapblog includes some basic photo editing capabilities and can grab photos from most of the big photo-sharing platforms.

As you can see in this [not so holiday] project, telling a story can be a simple, but effective, way to update family and friends this holiday season. Take Scrapblog for a test drive and see for yourself.

Another option is a slideshow posted at slideshare or slideboom (slideboom includes audio). Again, these can be embedded on your blog and shared on social network sites. This beautiful Dutch Christmas greeting is great inspiration.

It’s time to think outside the box. Catch-up with old friends and distant family with a Christmas greeting that will delight, entertain and update them on everything happening on your side of the world.

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