G-Notes: Browsers

Your browser is probably your most useful digital tool for research. Let’s see how well you know yours . . .

  • How do you increase/decrease the type size displayed in your browser screen?
    Press CTRL/+ (CMD/+ on Mac) to increase the type size and CTRL/- (CMD/-) to decrease.
  • Can you set more than one site as your home page?
    Yes, for all but Chrome.
  • How do you set a default search engine?
    Look in your browser’s preferences.
  • Does your browser offer translations without addins?
    Only Chrome does that.
  • How do you tell if there is an RSS feed available on the page you’re viewing?
    Firefox and Safari display a button in the address bar. Internet Explorer’s RSS icon in the toolbar turns orange. Chrome requires an extension.
  • Can your browser reopen a tab you closed?
    Only if you use Firefox. Press CTRL/SHIFT/t to reopen a tab you just closed.

Take a few minutes to explore the features available in your browser. You might even want to test drive one of the others to see if it suits your needs better. The more you know about your research tools, the more they can help you. Visit these sites to learn more: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer. Note that Internet Explorer only works on Windows systems. The others work on Windows and Mac. Firefox even works on Linux.

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