G-Notes: Essential iPad – Reference

There are any number of great reference apps available for the iPad. A comprehensive list would take days to compile, but here are some of my favorites:

  • WebMD for iPad [free] provides easy access to first aid and other handy medical information. It includes instructions for any number of emergency first aid procedures.
  • Dictionary.com [free] is both a dictionary and thesaurus and includes audio pronunciations (with Internet connection).
  • Discover [free] is Wikipedia in a gorgeous package. All of the information is there – just presented in a beautifully styled and paged format. You can browse or search and connect to related articles. It’s a delight to read, but not the best option for quick reference.
  • iTranslate for iPad [free] can translate text into 50 languages instantly and even provides text-to-speech audio in 11 languages.
  • Google Earth [free] has all the satellite imagery goodness with layers for roads, places, businesses and more. Yes, it’s gorgeous!
  • Bible [free] has both online and offline modes, full search functionality and access to a number of English translations.

We’ve only touched the surface, but these apps serve up an awful lot of useful information – all of it accessible in an instant. And, you can take it all with you without breaking your back.

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