Do You TWiT?

If you got a new iPad, computer, Internet-ready television or other tech toy, TWiT is your new best friend. TWiT – otherwise known as This Week in Tech – is a network of tech shows ranging from iPad Today to Windows Weekly and MacBreak Weekly to Home Theatre Geeks to Security Now and much more. What’s really interesting is that this network is not broadcasted but rather netcasted. That’s right, you’ll find it online.

Leo Laporte is the force driving TWiT and he is amazing. He and his crew entertain you while they educate. And, they do it all in a way that you can easily understand. New shows are netcast live and then saved for viewing on demand. You can watch from your desktop, as a podcast via iTunes or on your television with a Roku box. Oh, and iPad users can download the TWiT [free] app to watch shows on it. There are also a couple of paid apps [99¢ each] for the iPhone/Touch.

Each show has its own page with show notes and a list of topics discussed so if you’re looking for information on something specific you’ll see if that show discusses it. It’s not the platform to quickly find an answer to a specific question, but it is a great way to get better acquainted with the tech tools you use every day. Take a look at TWiT and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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