The Future of Memories


What are you doing with your family memories? Are you looking for new and creative ways to share your family history research with others? The Future of Memories is an idea book showing how you can put the applications you already have to work with new and affordable services to share your family history. Digital publishing isn’t confined to text and images. It covers a wide range of options from printed books to multimedia presentations with video and voice.

This primer introduces these new technologies and shows how to take advantage of the opportunities they offer to produce quality histories at a reasonable price. It discusses the skills needed to create production-ready projects and suggests resources to help you get started. The project section is full of ideas and examples.

Stop by the Book Notes pages here at the Gazette where you’ll find links to resources and articles supporting the book.

Book Details

Price: $2.99
Buy PDF version at Scribd.
Buy at the Kindle Store.

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