Facebook rolling out new message center

Facebook is rolling out a new message center that provides one location for all your messages, chats and texts. Here’s an overview:

Messages has always been the place for private exchanges on Facebook, and this won’t change. With the new Messages, now you have easy access to all your private conversations with your friends in one place.

The new Messages interface not only displays the Facebook messages you exchange with friends, but it also interweaves your chats, texts and emails (should you choose to create an @facebook.com address). It’s a central place to control all of your private communication, both on and off Facebook.

Now when you view a conversation, you’re actually looking at a complete history of all the communication you’ve shared with that person on Facebook — it’s like having an ongoing record of your friendship.

You can also set up an @facebook.com email address but there is no mention of how messages/conversations can be exported to keep an offline copy. It sounds like a great step forward for online conversations using Facebook, but I have doubts that I would want to make it my primary email provider.

For more details and to request an early invitation to the new platform, visit the New Messages page.

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