3 thoughts on “WeRelate Update

  1. Ruth Stephens

    Hi Denise!

    Got a question about WeRelate:

    As I add people to my GEDCOM, I will occasionally want to update my GEDCOM at WeRelate. To do this, do I delete the old one and then upload a new GEDCOM? And if I delete the old GEDCOM, will all of the associated people pages be lost? I certainly don’t want to lose any people pages, because I also use them as my “notebook”, where I can add any stray notes and clippings, etc.

    Thanks for your help!


    1. Denise Barrett Olson

      The GEDCOM is used to create your initial tree within WeRelate. There’s a builtin mechanism that checks every GEDCOM import against the existing records looking for duplicates. If a duplicate is found, it directs you through the process to merge your data with the existing record. You don’t have the opportunity to delete a GEDCOM because for all intents and purposes it’s gone once the data has been imported. That being said, I doubt that you would want to import a complete GEDCOM once you’ve made changes to your personal database. If you do that, you’ll have to go thru the merging process for each person already in the WeRelate system. You might rather just create the GEDCOM with just new and/or updated people. That effort would probably be easier than the merge effort at WeRelate. Me personally? I just do my updates manually. The reason I get away with that is I haven’t had much time lately to do any serious researching.


  2. Ruth Stephens

    Thanks, Denise!

    Thanks for your help. I tried WikiTree, but just never was satisfied with it. I had an account with WeRelate some years ago, but didn’t stay with it. Now I am back at WeRelate and actually I’m pretty happy with it, just didn’t know how to handle to updated GEDCOM problem.

    Have a great day!


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