One Year Later

The iPad is a year old.

Anyone who reads the Gazette knows I love my iPad. What you may not know is how dramatically it has changed my life. I am still the tech geek I’ve always been, but I am once again part of the family.


For years the computer has kept me tucked away in a back room while I catch up on the news, work on my research or write. I would come home from work and head straight to the den to check mail, Facebook, Twitter and my newsreader. After dinner, it was more of the same. Now, when I get home, I grab my iPad, pour a glass of wine and sit down with my husband (and his iPad) to catch up with him while I see what’s happening online. We used to do much the same thing years ago, only there was a newspaper involved instead of iPads.

I’ve rediscovered pleasure reading because I can control both the font size and brightness of the screen. Next to the book apps, Flipboard has to be my favorite app. It turns news feeds, Twitter and Facebook into a beautiful magazine format that makes keeping up with everything a delight rather than a chore. I still use Google Reader to process the news and information I need to keep up with, but when there’s something special that pops up in the reader I’ll “star” it to enjoy that evening in Flipboard.

Sample Flipboard magazine
The DIGITAL Storytelling magazine on Flipboard.

Today, thanks to the iPad, I find I’m reading in the living room again – much like I used to read print books. I still do a lot of my work on the desktop in the den, but since I do most of that work early in the mornings while everyone else is asleep, it doesn’t impact family life that much.

Obviously, this isn’t all I do with my iPad, but it’s how I spend a lot of my iPad time. Tech stuff has always been fascinating as tools to do the things I want to do. My iPad is a great tool, but even more than that, it’s an enjoyable experience.

Am I surprised the new iPad is flying off shelves? Not at all. One year later, I am still constantly amazed at its versatility – and it’s still only a toddler.

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