iTIP: Web Archive

Mac and iOS users may have seen or heard mention of web archive files and wondered what they are. Here’s the skinny.

The Safari browser [Mac and Win] has a feature that will let you save a web page as a .webarchive file. The saved file collects the web page, images and links into a single file that can be viewed offline. This can be handy if you want to save a transitory page, like a receipt for an online purchase, or if you want to save a page to send to your iThings for reading offline.

While you can’t save a web archive file in the mobile Safari browser, they can still be useful for reading web content when you’re offline.

There are better options – one being the Instapaper app [iOS – $4.99] and service [free and $1/mo]. With a free Instapaper account, you install a bookmarklet in your browser [Safari, Chrome or Firefox] and when you find something you’d like to read later, just click the Read Later bookmarklet. Not only is the page saved, but most of the distracting real estate surrounding the article you want to read is chucked leaving you with an elegantly simple interface that’s perfect for reading.

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