Blurb Mobile

Blurb has taken story-telling with pictures to a new level with Blurb Mobile [iPhone – $1.99]. Now you can create a multi-media slide show that includes photos, video, audio and text – and do it all right on your iPhone. Once done, the results are saved to your personal site at Blurb Mobile and can be published on Facebook, Twitter or emailed to others. The app itself is free, but you really need to buy the in-app upgrade ($1.99). It increases the number or photos and video clips you can include in a story as well as the length of each audio and video clip.

Blurb Mobile

Creating a story is easy. Select photos and video clips from your iPhone’s photos or camera roll to add them to the story, then drag them to the right place in your story line. Pinch in and out on an image to adjust the zoom level. Tap on a photo to display the editing controls. You can rotate, crop, move or delete the image as well as add text captions or audio clips. Repeat this with each of your slides until your story is complete. There are seven slideshow themes with the free version and eight more are included in the upgrade.

Although it’s designed for the iPhone, it will work on the iPad and iPod Touch although I haven’t tried adding audio on either of them yet. The real beauty of this app is that you can create live shows at an event and share them immediately using the iPhone’s camera and online features. That doesn’t mean a not so instant show wouldn’t be just as special.

To demonstrate how much fun Blurb Mobile can be, they spent some time in the crowds at the royal wedding and posted the results. They are delightful! For a not so fancy sample – created on an original iPad – you can view my slideshow of our trip to Cedar Key. Blurb has since been moved to my iPod Touch so I can use it with the camera.

Family historians can take archival images, add a bit of narration and create a beautiful tribute to an individual or family. It’s also a fun way to capture your family’s history as it happens. Now, if Blurb would include embed codes for blogs, it would also be a blogger’s dream.

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