Conference Apps: Siri

Before you head out to Jamboree, FGS or any other conference, make sure you have Siri [iOS – free] on your iPhone. This amazing app is a traveler’s best friend. By combining voice commands, search and your current location, Siri can perform some amazing feats. All you have to do is ask.

Looking for a good Italian restaurant in the area? Just tell Siri, “Best Italian near here.” Siri takes the location information your iPhone’s GPS maintains, searches based on your dictated parameters and returns a list of possible Italian restaurants – with reviews. But that’s not all. You can then choose the restaurant you want and tell Siri to book a reservation for you.

Need a taxi? Siri can send one right to you. Find theaters playing the movie you want to see, get show times and buy tickets. Find a gas station. Get a weather report. Siri can do all that. This video shows how versatile this app is.

Apple recently bought Siri and has been negotiating agreements with Nuance, the speech recognition people behind Dragon and MacSpeeech. There are plans to include even more speech recognition technology into iOS devices and expand Siri into a complete personal assistant. Think of the possibilities . . .

Siri working with Lanyrd could be a conference attendee’s best friend.

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