Essential Apps for Jamboree

Just a reminder that you need to pack your phone/tablet with a few useful apps before you head off to Jamboree. Here’s a list of essentials to insure a great conference experience:

  • At the top of the list is the official Jamboree app. iOS users can grab it at the iTunes store. Android, Blackberry and other web-enabled phones can access it via the web. You’ll find all the details on the Jamboree’s app page. Make sure you check out the Exhibitor’s section on the app. You’ll find a group of virtual exhibitors – including me! You might even find a deal or two.
  • Don’t go to any conference or meet-up without Bump [iOS and Android – free]. All it takes is a fist bump while holding your phone to exchange contact information, share photos or get connected on Facebook, Linked In or Twitter. And, it’s amazingly easy to use.
  • The Siri app [iOS – free] is your personal assistant and concierge in one tiny package. Need to find a good restaurant nearby – and make a reservation? Siri can do that. Need a cab? Siri can do that too. And, when your hands are full of conference booty, you can record all those “I’ll send you that as soon as I get home” promises which Siri will transcribe into a nicely typed todo list for you. It’s a quick way to document all those follow-up promises you make throughout the conference.
  • IMO Instant Messenger [Android and iOS – free] gives you one platform to handle Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber and Myspace. And it supports Voice IM which is pretty cool.

This app collection will help you find where you need to be, get there and make virtual connections to the people you meet in person. Have a great time! Just remember those of us who can’t be there in person and keep us updated with lots of tweets and pics.

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