New Tech / Old Tech

We genea-bloggers love our tech toys. And, as a result, we have a growing collection of old tech that is either taking up space in a closet or being passed down to others in the family. Now there’s another option. A growing number of services are popping up to buy or trade in your old tech items.

Gazelle will buy used computers, cameras, game systems, e-readers, PDAs and much more. Search the site to see if they are interested in your item, answer questions about make, model and condition, then you’ll see what they will offer for it. You agree and they email you a prepaid shipping label so you can send the item to them. If it lives up to your description, you get paid the agreed price. If they find it lacking, you decide if you’ll take a lesser price or want them to send it back to you.

Amazon also offers a trade-in program for electronics, textbooks, movies and games. They are serving as brokers with the third-party that is actually buying the item and you get paid in Amazon gift cards. Of course, they want you to use those gift cards to buy your new tech at Amazon. That’s called marketing.

Even tech stores are getting into the action. Best Buy and Gateway have trade-in programs. Find out what the online services are offering, then check with your favorite dealer to see if they have a better deal. A little horse-trading on your trade-ins can help make that new tech a little less expensive. It’s worth a look!

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