Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot in Safari
Awesome Screenshot in Safari

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to capture all or part of a web page? Then you need to check the Awesome Screenshot add-in available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari.


As you can see, the add-in appears in your toolbar as a camera lens. This example shows it in the Safari browser on a Mac computer. In other browsers, the icon appears in color and in a different location. Click on the icon and the capture menu appears. Now choose the type of selection you want to make.
Crop capture

Here I captured the visible area, then chose the crop tool. Notice that the tool also displays dimensions of the cropped area. Once I’ve got my selection the way I want it, I click the Crop button.

Annotation Tools

I can now use the annotation tools to add text and graphical highlights. There is even a blur tool to hide information you don’t want to share. When I’m ready, I click on Done.

Save image

From here, I can save the image on my desktop or share it via the Awesome Screenshot site.

If I choose to upload the file, I can then easily share it at any number of social sites.

Because it only captures web content, Awesome Screenshot can’t handle all your screen capture needs, but this free browser extension can sure make it easy to capture and share a bit of the web when you need it.

Oh, I forgot to mention . . . Awesome Screenshot comes from those awesome developers at Diigo.

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