WeRelate Portals

Some of the most fascinating information at WeRelate can be found in the portals. Portal pages are designed to serve as an overview for a section or topic.


Let’s start with the Community Portal. This is probably the closest thing to a table of contents you’ll find on the site. Here you’ll find links to other portals, WeRelate projects and discussions, administrative information and lots of tutorials.


Every namespace in WeRelate has its own portal. You’ll find links to them at the top of every portal page. Here is the Family Portal page.


The Cemetery Portal discusses how to set up your own cemetery page on WeRelate and link it to the portal. The cemetery portal has a growing number of cemeteries listed with history, photos and contact information. Like much of WeRelate, it is a fabulous source of information for researchers which will only increase in value as more of us add our own information.

Spend an afternoon browsing the portals at WeRelate. You’ll be amazed at the fascinating information you’ll find along with a lot of inspiration you can put to use in your own research. If you have a fact or suggestion to add to a page, please do so. Every little bit helps.

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