Feedly makes RSS fun again

Like most of us, Google Reader has been my goto app for keeping up with the news and blogs. It does an efficient job of processing hundreds of articles a day, but it is not the most pleasant reading experience. My iPad has shown that reading syndicated content can be a delight and I want to be able to enjoy that experience regardless of the the device I’m using.


When I stumbled on feedly, it was the design that first caught my eye. While an RSS feed leaves the style sheet back at the original site, that doesn’t mean the news reader should ignore style. feedly delivers. Not only does it arrange the latest content in an attractive newspaper style, the reading pane is also pleasing to the eye yet still provides all the processing and sharing tools in easy reach.


It synchronizes with Google Reader so you can enjoy feedly when you have time to read and put Google Reader to work when you need to push through a lot of stuff quickly.


One feature I’ve truly enjoyed is the suggested topics. In the right sidebar above, you’ll notice the list titled “you might also like” which points you to other sites related to the topic you’re currently viewing. This has led me to several fascinating digital publishing blogs and some interesting genea-related sites. I don’t always have time to wander through the suggestions, but when I do I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

feedly is available as a plugin for the Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers and there are apps for both iOS and Android devices. There is no charge to use it. The video below is a quick tour. Take a look and see if you don’t find feedly a delightful option for reading your favorite genea-bloggers.

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