Things you can do with Dropbox

Dropbox goodness continues to grow as more and more apps take advantage of its functionality to share content between multiple devices – and even people. Here are just a few examples:

  • Keep needed research within easy reach at all times. I’ve got my PDF copy of Evidence Explained in a Dropbox folder so I can refer to it wherever I am.
  • Keep data files synchronized between multiple computers/devices. I use Text Expander to reduce keyboarding on my desktop and my iThings. With Dropbox, I use the same snippets data file for all the devices. If I add a new snippet, it’s immediately available on all systems. Text Expander is one of a growing number of apps that supports Dropbox synchronization. 1Password is another handy app that supports Dropbox for sharing data across systems and devices.
  • Take my writing projects with me. Scrivener syncs projects to Dropbox as text files. I have set up my latest Scrivener project to sync with the Notebooks app on my iPad so whenever I get inspired to add a paragraph or even just an idea, it’s within easy reach.
  • Easily transfer books to my supported readers. On the iPad, I can choose to open PDFs in GoodReader, Folio or iBooks and ePubs in iBooks or Stanza.
Dropbox is easy to use and the basic service includes 2GBs of storage at no cost. If you aren’t already using Dropbox, now is a good time to take a look.

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