Featured Plugin: Yet Another Related Post Plugin

As content on your WordPress blog grows, you’ll find you’ve got a lot articles with similar topics or about the same family. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to point your readers to those articles? That’s just what Yet Another Related Post Plugin (let’s call it YARPP to keep things easy) can do for your self-hosted WordPress blog.

related articles listHere is an example of YARPP at work in a recent article about Christmas ideas. Once the plugin is installed and configured, it does the work for you. Using repeated keywords found in the title, content, category and tags in each article, it builds a list of similar articles then displays however many you designate. This list is displayed at the bottom of your post not only on your blog, but also in your RSS feed if you wish.

Once the plugin has been installed, you’ll find Related Posts (YARPP) listed under Settings in your work area’s sidebar menu.

YARPP settings

This example shows the settings for the posts on your site. A similar pane for RSS post options is immediately below this one. The code example shows HTML generated from your selected settings. Here I’ve chosen to display a maximum of 5 related items and changed the text to read “Related articles:”. I kept the HTML tags to have it display the generated list as a bulleted list. I’m only showing a list of titles linked back to that article, but with a check in the Show excerpt? box I could include that too. I can also decide what text I want to appear when there aren’t any associated articles.

After making changes, click the Save button at the bottom of the settings page and I’m done. It’s that easy.

I’ve gotten in the habit of checking the related posts each time I publish a new article. I often find it has dug up posts I’d forgotten and it’s fun to go back and see what I was doing then. If it doesn’t pick up a post I think it should, I’ll take a look at the tags I assigned to both articles and adjust them if necessary.

By combining this plugin with a well-designed category plan and a consistent tag system, your WordPress blog is no longer just a collection of articles – it’s now an amazing family history platform.

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