Graphical eBook Publishing Update

Here’s some of the latest happenings related to ebook publishing of interest those of us working on family history projects:

  • Blurb recently announced they can now convert your photo book to a Blurb eBook that can be viewed on the iPad. Your book can be created using either their BookSmart app or their online Blurbify platform. It sounds like a great deal and provides yet another avenue for sharing your family history projects.
  • Amazon is developing a new book format using HTML 5 that will support graphical books. The HTML 5 feature set they are including in the format offers lots of layout and media opportunities, but initially the format will only be used on their new Kindle Fire tablet. Details on what tools will be available are also sketchy. Eventually this format will replace the current Kindle format for all readers.
  • The Book Creator app for iPad continues to intrigue me. I spent some time experimenting with a Color Nook at Barnes and Noble the other day and it displayed my little test book quite nicely.
  • Legend Maker is now available in the Mac app store – and at $10 less than its original price. It’s still my goto ebook-building app and I’m looking forward to watching it mature.
  • The Scrivener [Win and Mac] writers platform offers an ePub export feature, but still doesn’t include images.
  • Right now one of the easiest ways to create an ebook is using the Pages word processing app from the iWork suite. One of the things I especially like about Pages is if I keep my manuscript in iCloud (formerly, I can work on it at my desktop or on my iPad.
There’s still no one-size fits all solution but conditions continue to improve in the ebook-building arena. It’s just not moving fast enough to suit me.

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